WE THINK You deserve to feel YOUR BEST

We are not bound by insurance allowables and claims processes. Instead of having a third-party mark up the cost of the care you receive – or worse, tell you what kind of care you can and can't have – we allow you to make your own decisions.

You are free to use your existing FSA (flexible spending account) or HSA (health savings account) to pay for your care. And, as you are probably aware, the funds in your HSA or FSA are taken out of your paycheck before taxes, which is huge discount for YOU. No worry about in-network or out-of-network coverage, which gives you choice and control.

Because our practice is self-pay, you'll simply swipe your debit or credit card at our kiosk and be on your way. You may be surprised how little care you'll need to get the results you're after if you've been a chiropractic patient elsewhere. And if you're in a financial jam we'll work with you. We're happy to sign a contract with you and let you pay out your care. we just ask that you don't let your bill get too steep.  

If you're seeking treatment for a recent auto injury we may work with your auto insurance carrier. If you believe your case is special, let’s talk about how we can help you get the care and attention you deserve, to make the fullest recovery possible.

We look forward to helping you!

And if you're a new patient, don't forget to fill our the NEW PATIENT PAPERWORK before your appointment.

I’ve had back issues for over a decade and have seen 9 chiropractors, until I met Dr. Rob. I’ll be a client here for as long as I can. Every appointment I have is completely customized to what my back needs. His ability to pin point the root of the problem is quite remarkable. His massage therapist’s do amazing deep tissue work. My body has never felt so mobile and free. Recommend to everyone!
— Kealan O., Kansas City, Mo.
kansas city chiropractic
I have been a chiropractic patient for as long as I can remember. I’ve also moved around a lot so with each new city, comes a new chiropractor. I’ve made it a priority to have the FIRST doctor I find, be a chiropractor. And I’m so thankful I found Dr. Rob in Kansas City. It has been over 5 years now and I couldn’t be happier with the treatment I’ve received.

I have been treated for a multitude of things and Dr. Rob (and his two therapists, Mercedes and Gabby) have always been nothing but helpful and committed to getting me “straightened out” as I call it. From lower back issues, to sore necks, to aching muscles, to crooked hips...they have been fantastic with all of it.
— Jill M., Kansas City, Mo.
I’ve been using chiropractic care for most of my adult life, sometimes for routine care, sometimes for a specific, or chronic, discomfort. I was looking for somewhere that incorporated chiropractic with massage therapy and, hopefully, acupuncture. My son, who lives nearby, had become aware of IHC and recommended I take a look. Immediately upon entering the office you can see things are different here. There is a very unique atmosphere that is somewhat trendy, spa-like, and very inviting. As it turns out, Dr. Rob was very active in the design and construction. A “hands-on” approach! During my initial consultation, Dr. Rob was very unhurried and took adequate time to understand my background, my current goals for care, and to explain how he runs his practice. He intentionally spaces out his scheduling to allow the time to do this. With my first adjustment I experienced improvement in areas that have been “chronic” for decades. Dr. Rob used some adjustments that achieved results I have not experienced from any other chiropractic care. The treatment ended with acupuncture, which helped leave the muscles in a relaxed state for nearly a week. On subsequent visits, I have also used the massage therapy services, which have also been outstanding. Dr. Rob hand picks his therapists from top students at local massage therapy schools. His services are extremely easy to schedule through the use of online appointment booking that allows you to see all openings for months and to book, cancel or reschedule at a time convenient for yourself. I’ve had the good fortune of being treated by a few truly outstanding chiropractors over the years and would include Dr. Rob Williams among them.
— Robert S., Brookfield Mo.