21st century healthcare!

Personalized care that’s streamlined and highly effective


21st century healthcare!

Personalized care that’s streamlined and highly effective

You’re in charge of your own care


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In the meantime check out what our existing patients say about our care in the review section.

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.
— Thomas Edison, 1895

What's different about ihc ?

Our approach to healing involves slowing down & listening … and teaching. That’s probably the biggest difference, but I’ve been very fortunate to create a rather unique approach to practice that marries my love of people with my undergraduate degree in psychology combined with the skill set I developed working with clay with my hands in my previous career as a studio potter. Chiropractic sort of ties them all together and our approach allows us to practice the true art of healing … we treat the whole person, body, mind & spirit!


The other thing that’s different about ihc is the deep tissue massage therapy. Considering what’s available out there, so to speak, it’s top shelf work. You sort of have to experience it to believe it. But if you’ve never received deep tissue work immediately following your adjustment, well, you’ll see what we mean when you do. It’s good not just for the body, but for the mind and the spirit as well.


I consider palpation of the tissues to be a form of listening. In essence, as I palpate the tissues I’m trying to hear what the patient's body is saying, while I’m assessing tension patterns and limitations in normal movement through touch. My therapists are gifted bodyworkers, and their work goes hand in glove with my work. Our goal is to be masters of our craft.


Helping you understand the finer details involved in your healing process, and educating you about how to manage your tension more effectively means you’ll only need to be treated only one time a month after the initial course of treatments to be able to live a rather pain free life and maintain the results of our care long term!


We also guarantee our work! If you decide to stick around for once a month care so we can keep you healthy after we resolve your chief complaint, as long as you’re treated with an adjustment/massage within 4 weeks of your previous treatment … we allow you to come in during the month, if you feel like you need to, for a courtesy adjustment. No charge.

The initial 12 treatments is your “buy in” in the practice, and allows you to receive the courtesy adjustment, as long as you’re being treated with an Adj/massage once a mont so we can keep you running like a top!

Our experience is that most people sort of take the position that they’ll “believe it when they see it” that they can live a rather pain free life being treated only once a month … but you can go from here directly to our review section and see for yourself what people have to say about our care. We’ve seen it happen so many times we literally can’t count.