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The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.
— Thomas Edison, 1895

Would you like to take pain out of your day? 

What does that look like?

You've found your way here for any number of reasons. You may have a pain complaint such as back pain, headaches or shoulder pain. You might've been injured in a car accident or have an injury from some other type of trauma. Or you may just be aware that daily stress is taking a toll on your body and have a desire to stay healthy. Whatever the reason, know that your journey to relief and authentic healing begins right here.


Your body was designed to heal itself ... and we know how to stimulate that response ... so you can feel your best.


21st century healthcare

21st century healthcare

 You're in charge of scheduling your own care

There's no receptionist at a desk and no hold music to listen to while you wait.

By design!

How Does That Work ?

Step 1

Schedule an appointment on our virtual schedule.  It's pretty intuitive, but we've included detailed instructions in case you need them. If you hit a snag shoot us an email and we'll respond promptly. We're here to serve.

Step 2

Filling the New Patient paperwork out completely and bringing it with you will allow us to begin working with you when you arrive. We run on a rather tight schedule for a doctor's office. Typically, you will not wait to be seen.

Step 3

Our office is located in the heart of the charming River Market neighborhood in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri right across the street from the River Market West streetcar stop at 317 Delaware Street. 


What's different about ihc ?

Our approach to healing involves slowing down and listening. We even consider palpation of the tissues to be a form of listening. In essence, as we palpate the tissues we're trying to hear what the patient's body is saying while we're assessing tension patterns and limitations in normal movement through touch.

Years in practice have taught us (almost always) the patient who's experiencing pain is moving their body in certain ways in response to their pain. This is especially relevant as it relates to upper body pain. Neck pain, upper back pain, shoulder pain and headaches.

We've determined that the reason the patient does this is because they're seeking relief from their pain. To a patient who's in pain, to do something versus doing nothing feels good, even if it's not an actual "feel good" sensation. Even though (on some level) the sensations feel good to the patient at the time they're experiencing them, (almost always) these movements have the unfortunate "bigger" effect of facilitating tension in the tissues.

Hence, the tissues aren't able to settle down more completely because, in a sense, they're being constantly bombarded with irritation. Helping our patients make this type of connection and empowering them to improve their self care is our specialty.

We've put a few of these unique observations into play in our practice because we've found that it leads to better therapeutic outcomes. You might call it "the psychology of healing", helping the patient better understand how to accommodate the work we're doing with the tissues. 

With our approach not only are we enlisting the patient to do a more effective job giving the tissues what they need outside the office while we're doing the work on the tissues to guide them thru the healing process. We're also teaching the patient how to do a more effective job managing their normal tension on a day to day basis moving forward so the excellent results are maintained.

P.S. We've figured out how to treat almost anyone who walks thru our door only 12 times in 8 weeks to get them to a once a month stage. There are exceptions, but they're far and few between.

Dr. Rob's resumé:

1989 graduated UMKC with a bachelors degree in Psychology and a minor in Biology

1989-1991 Missouri Department of Youth Services; Youth Specialist: worked w/ adolescent boys at a residential facility located at Watkins Mill State Park

1991-1993 Apprentice Potter: worked for a local studio potter (in exchange for learning) for a year and a half. Primary responsibilities: mixed a thousand pounds of clay a week starting out with dry chemicals in a claw footed bathtub, loaded and unloaded his kiln which was big enough to walk in, and waxed the bottom of his pots before he glazed them.

1993-1995 Studio Potter: designed, produced and sold hand thrown pots out of my own studio

1995-1999 Doctor of Chiropractic; Cleveland Chiropractic College

1999-2001 rented office space from another chiropractor prior to founding Integrative Health Center  

2001-2018 Private Practice; Integrative Health Center


$150 Exam/Consultation/Initial Adjustment Appointment (90min)
Includes a detailed exam, initial adjustment, and needle acupuncture. Dr. Rob will spend most of the time performing his exam and beginning to help you understand how the tissues work, so you''ll understand why it's relevant to do things a little differently outside our office. We've learned this is the best approach to help you more effectively manage your ‘normal tension.’  

Acupuncture is used primarily to "get a hold of the patient's pain symptoms", so we can begin correcting the biomechanical problem, which is most often the cause of symptoms. Using acupuncture we're able to produce a local relaxation response in the tissues as well as a more global relaxation response so you'll feel very relaxed as you leave our office and you can begin letting go of tension immediately.

$50 Adjustment                                               After you complete your initial treatment plan and you're only being treated only once a month (Adj/massage) if you feel like you need an adjustment during the 4 week interval we provide that for you as a courtesy because we want you to live a rather pain free life. You might say we guarantee our work! 

$120 Monthly Maintenance Care:
Patients benefit the most from being treated (only) once a month with an adjustment immediately followed by deep tissue massage. The muscles are most relaxed immediately following the adjustment, so the therapist is able to more effectively work out the deeper tension. Works well for the body, mind AND spirit ... and it only takes a one hour commitment once a month.



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One of the best aspects of my 5 year stint as an ihc patient has been the ability to be pain free with only a once a month time commitment. The half-dozen chiropractors I saw before Dr. Rob all tried to sell some plan that would have me in their office weekly...some of them 2-3 times a week! ihc is the only place that offered me a plan I can live with.
— Crissy Dastrup, Kansas City

Experience true healing

Experience true healing

Efficient & Effective Health Care





Spinal Adjustments are performed by hand with light force. Dr. Williams considers spinal adjusting – especially the neck – to be an art form. And his patients report outstanding results. Initial adjustments are followed with the patient laying on the traction table, which gently stretches the soft tissues attached to the spine. It not only feels awesome, along with the initial adjustments, it helps prepare the soft tissues to receive deep, therapeutic massage that we pair with subsequent adjustments.

This strategic and thorough approach provides better long term results.

The first adjustment is followed by needle acupuncture to increase the effect.


Acupuncture is among the oldest healing practices in the world. As part of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture aims to restore and maintain health through the stimulation of specific points on the body that control the flow of energy, called Qi, pronounced /Chē/. Acupuncture has been effectively used for the treatment of neck pain, upper and lower back pain, chronic headaches, migraines, shoulder pain, and sports injuries, along with a myriad of other conditions.  It's a great adjunct to chiropractic treatment, and because both treatments are more powerful when paired together, one session can take the place of three to four spinal adjustments. 


As the name implies, the work is slow, deep and very specific working on targeted muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Contrary to a widely held myth, deep tissue work doesn’t have to hurt to be effective. We've found it to be most beneficial when paired with the spinal adjustment. Immediately following the adjustment, muscles are in their most relaxed state, which allows our therapists to work deeply for the greatest therapeutic effect without being painful. Sufferers of chronic pain will find significant relief from the combination of treatments. After the initial course of treatments you will only need to be treated once a month to maintain the effect long term.


Be well kc!


Be well kc!


we look forward to serving you

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We're right across the street from the River Market West streetcar stop on Delaware Street.

See you soon! 

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