kansas city chiropractic

$150 New Patient Appointment: Adjustment/Exam/Consultation (90min)
Includes a detailed exam, initial adjustment, and needle acupuncture, and typically lasts around 90 minutes. Dr. Rob will spend most of the time performing his exam and beginning to help you understand what he calls the fundamentals of how the tissues work, so you'll understand why it's relevant to do things a little differently outside our office. We've learned this is the best approach to help you more effectively manage your ‘normal tension.’  

Acupuncture is used primarily to decrease the patient's pain symptoms so we can begin correcting the biomechanical problem, which is most often the cause of symptoms. Acupuncture also produces a local relaxation response in the area of your complaint, as well as a more generalized relaxation response … so you'll feel very relaxed as you leave our office after your first treatment, which will make it possible for you begin letting go of some of your tension immediately.

$50 Adjustment (à la carte)            

After you complete your initial treatment plan and you're only being treated once a month (adjustment/massage) if you feel like you need an adjustment during the 4 week interim, we provide that for you as a courtesy as long as you’re being treated once a month, because we want you to live without pain. You might say we guarantee our work! 

$120 Monthly Maintenance Care:
Patients benefit the most from being treated (only) once a month with an adjustment immediately followed by deep tissue massage. The muscles are in the most relaxed state immediately following the adjustment … which allows the therapist to more effectively work out your deeper tension. Works well for the body, mind AND spirit (for real) ... and it only takes a one hour commitment once a month.