kansas city chiropractic

proud to be different

Dr. Williams has invested in creating a practice in downtown Kansas City’s River Market that isn’t like other chiropractic clinics. While adjustments, acupuncture and deep tissue massage are core components of our health plan at ihc, we take the necessary time to help our patients understand there's more to the healing process than a quick adjustment.

 Dr. Rob won't just wag his finger in your face and say: "this is what I want you to stop doing and this what I want you to begin practicing doing differently." He'll begin by helping you understand why your body is doing what it's doing so you'll understand why it's relevant to do things a little differently. And when it comes to your part outside the office, he'll keep it very simple for you..

more than alignment

There are 206 bones in the human body and over 600 muscles. Along with connective tissue and fascia that hold everything in place, the body is a very complex system. While proper movement and nutrition are keys to a functional human frame, YOU also play a major role.

Beyond exercise and diet, we believe in helping our patients become aware of building good habits that work in unison with our treatments to not only speed the healing process, but to transform the body for good.

Our goal is to give you the biggest bang for your buck with your treatment. We know how to approach patient self care in a very logical and simple way. Believe it or not, this is actually one of our biggest secrets and it's the part Dr. Rob enjoys the most.

We'll make it doable for you.